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Update Pt. 2 - Dahlia an' Life an' Stuff - It's Dangerous to Go Alone; Take This
February 17th, 2016
11:17 pm
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Update Pt. 2 - Dahlia an' Life an' Stuff
This fuckin' kid, I tell ya...
She had a fever about three weeks ago and it developed into an ear ache and with a little help from the doctor and some meds, she went between bouncing off the walls excitable to heartwrenchingly pathetically sick. It was pretty sad. From there, the sickness spread to Liz, and then to her mother.
They asked me why I never got sick at the same time everyone else does. That's the thing; I'm always sick. All I do is come in contact with people blowing their noses and then shaking my hand, so I always have some sort of problem. I also have a stronger immune system against crap like colds and flus and shit like that it seems. I just take some homebrew of DayQuil or Mucinex and cough drops and go on with the day, whether it's school or work and as long as I'm not shitting my pants, everything's fine.

No, I haven't sharted at work yet. Big surprise to some of you, I'm sure. But I did that first semester of school during my core courses.

Dali knows more about video games and comics and wrestling than some kids twice her age. Of course, maybe it's just the age we live in. She has a Zoomer watch and a Kindle and she knows how to work the Wii U and NetFlix on both the Wii U and the Roku, she's starting to learn to use a mouse better despite the fact it's too big for her hand, and her toys and books and dolls could fill a friggin' room by themselves.
She's kinda spoiled.
We do our best to keep her in line. We talk to her like an adult with the gentle touch a toddler still needs and tell her how people should treat other people, what's rude and what's polite, and how it's not always what you say but how you say it.
Still, she can be kind of a smartass. Liz deals with it better than I do, and I suppose I send her some mixed signals because I'm also the one who rolls around with her and lets her beat me up and vice versa and trying to find the line between play and serious is probably still hard in her mind... not to mention, she listens to me and Liz talk smartassed to each other and has picked up some of our nuances.
Still, she's caring and sweet and wants to look out for everyone besides herself. I took her to ballet a couple of weeks ago and before she went in, I reminded her of the rules: Don't get in other people's personal space; Don't touch anyone without permission.
Another little girl came in late and was crying because she was late and missed the first half and Dali, wanting to comfort her but trying to follow the rules, gave the girl a hover-hand hug.

The rest of life is grood. I've been coasting along this semester so far, Accounting is the hardest class. The worst thing I've had to deal with at school was not having Financial Aid. I tried to bankrupt an old class to get my Financial Aid back, but it didn't help. Later that day the head of the funeral department called me asking why the hell I bankrupted that class because I NEEDED it to graduate. So, I had to beg the school to let me have a bad grade back just so I wouldn't have to take an extra semester of school.

(Put the Lotion in the Basket)

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