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Marshall Arts
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I have been hereby dubbed: Sir Shaun, Lord of Oral Gymnastics, High Counselor to his most noble Majesty meaty_meatDave the Meat Man Porter, and most High Exalted Protector of Perversions.
I shall now go forth, and sin verily some more.

Credit for the Teen Girl Squad mood theme goes to crackified. Teen Girl Squad was filmed in front of a Homestar studio Strong Bad.

"Art for art's sake is a philosophy of the well-fed."
-- Frank Lloyd Wright

"With great power... comes great responsibility, but absolute power rocks absolutely."
-- Me

"I hate that everyone in life has that one person that even though you know better, you never act better."
-- I'm just that good

"You should never make anyone your everything because when they're gone, you have nothing."
-- I'm knockin'em out of the park today, boy...

"The bonds of trust are tight, but how long can someone hold on?"
-- Me, too

"For every stumbling block, there's a stepping stone."
-- Me again

"Just `cause you don't know what you're doing is no reason not to do something."
-- Me once more

"It's real hard to find the perfect muse for a cross between 'Romantic, Funny, Cynical, Asshole, Sexy,' and 'Vulgar,' anymore. Perhaps I'm losing my touch?"
-- Me, about me

"Pain is temporary; but glory is eternal"
-- Guess who

"Sacrifice is the price we pay that makes hard work worth the effort"
-- Me again

"To do anything, all you need is time and effort. If you put forth enough effort, you find the time."
-- Drunken Me

BE FOREWARNED: I am currently using a NSFW Friends Filter alongside my every day posts. These entries talk about my sex life, my kinks, things that involve bodily functions beyond burping and/or farting, and they will occasionally include pictures and/or videos of naked people (maybe me and my friends) or perhaps things from gory films like bloody fuckin' horror movies. The Human Centipede, for example.
If you come here and you're new, you can ask to be included in the filter by e-mailing me but don't get upset by anything you read or see. If you don't like anything in the filter or even the regular journal entries? FUCK OFF.

I hate it when I say What?!? in disbelief, and then whoever I'm talking to repeats themself. They know I fuckin' heard'em, I just don't believe what I'm hearing. It's even worse when they repeat it slower like they're talking to a foreigner or a child.

I hate seeing really good looking girls that have shit-locked hair. You know what I'm talking about, the kind of hair that's wrapped in dirty, white-people hippie dreadlocks? Yeah, those are disgusting. How can you be a hippie and still be good looking? It's unnatural. Hippies are dirty and they smell. Now get back to your goddamn protest where you belong.

I hate it when someone adds me and they don't comment on my journal. You don't have to comment to say, "Hey! I added you as my pal!" I'd just like it if you talked to me since you have me on your friend's list now, ya know?

I hate it when I'm asked for advice and then the person doesn't even consider it. I mean, the least you could do is take the advice I gave you and maybe twist it around to work to the best of what you want.

I especially hate PETA. If you want to try and stop a terrorist orginization, hit a PETA member in the face with a baseball bat. PETA is a foundation of hypocrites and liars, condoning violence towards humans and over population in the stray animal community. If anyone needs to be slaughtered like an animal, it's Ingrid Newkirk (President and co-founder of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

I'm a man of principle. Maybe not so many morals, but priciples, sure. I'm a vast array of emotions that can snap from one end of the spectrum to the next at any given moment. I don't wallow in the misery of others... however, I do find it enjoyable sometimes. The Germans call it "Schadenfreude." I hate a lot of different things, like I said previously. Things like PeTA. Things like feminists (although I'm not a mysoginist). Things like MySpace and scene kids. I'm poor, a former professional wrestler and I never graduated Highschool, but I hope you won't hold that against me, because it doesn't mean I'm not educated. After all, I'm still a Musical enthusiast. I love Phantom of the Opera most of all, but I like other things like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Wicked. It's embarassing to say, but I fucking LOVE showtunes. I also enjoy Reading, Writing, Drawing and clubbing... no, not "clubbing" as in "dancing," I meant "clubbing" as in "beating the shit out of baby seals."

I'm the proud founding member and moderator of the SECS and PEACE community. It's for open minded discussion and ranting. We discuss a wide variety of topics there and new members are always welcome (as long as they are intelligent and can hold worthwhile conversations).
Join us. Have SECS and find PEACE.
I'm also the moderator and maintainer of The Quote of the Night Community. If you need a place to tell people about something funny or fucked up someone said? That's the place to go.
I also run WeezeL Brand Reviews. You need a review on something? I'm the guy to come to! For years I've been reviewing everything in my own personal journal and I figured it's about time to move up! Movies, video games, books... from cookies to caskets; From books to beer; From wrestling to roller coasters; From fast food to fast women... I watch it, I try it, I take it all in some way or another and then I give you my opinion.
WeezeL Brand Reviews. We're a family company. We test stuff out to see if it's shitty or not so you don't have to.

Check that shit out! I have over FIVE HUNDRED "Memories" logged and saved, see? They're right there, way up at the top of the page. It's not that they're really that important, it's just that if you read'em, you'll know a shitload more about me. Go check'em out. Now, I know what you're thinking, that's a shitload to read, but you don't have to check'em out all right now. Besides, I keep'em mostly for future reference because I have a bad memory due to debilitating epilepsy, and they're funny to boot. You should have a look-see.
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