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I bought Dahlia her first wrestling action figure tonight - It's Dangerous to Go Alone; Take This
April 10th, 2016
10:24 pm
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I bought Dahlia her first wrestling action figure tonight
She got a Bayley figure [which she's already torn the damn ponytail off of]. Bayley is one of the female stars in NXT and until just last week was the NXT Women's Champion. Dahlia's watched several matches and likes most of the girls... still likes John Cena the most, though.
Her interest in wrestling has waxed and waned as she's gotten older, which is kinda weird to say, since she's four. She likes to wrestle with me a lot more than she likes to watch it, but she will slow down and watch it some, and oft times she doesn't have a choice because I control the TV when it's time to watch wrestling.
For instance, last week.
It was WrestleMania week, and I was watching the WWE Network as much as possible. Then she was sitting with me and saw a clip of Edge spearing Mick Foley through a fire table.
"WHOA! He put him through that FIRE!"
Uhhh... yeah, I said with a little concern.
"He musta really wanted him to die."
No, dude, don't say that, that's not a nice word.

So I turned the TV off and with a heavy heart, as we got ready for bed, I sat her down and told her, Now... you know... the wrestling on TV, it's just TV, right? It's not real.
They're just playing, it's not a real fight to hurt each other, it's just TV.

I broke kayfabe to my kid... and it really hurt. Like hurt my feelings hurt. Like, telling her Santa isn't real hurt.
I still don't think she understood all the way, but I don't believe she understood if it was "real" or "TV" or not to begin with. There's all kinds of fun stuff we try to get her to watch and believe in, like unicorns or fairies or Yoshi and then she drops fat logic on our asses like, "That's not real, there's no such thing as gnomes. They're just on TV."
Well shit.
And despite what she said, she doesn't have a true comprehension of death. She just knows that in video games, characters "die," but then they can come back. She doesn't get it. She doesn't even know what I do for a living.
It's not a big concern, but it's the kind of thing you try to put the kibosh on early as far as how they talk and perceive violence.

This may sound weird, but I really relate to my daughter.
"Well, yeah, you're supposed to, numbnuts."
Let me expand. If you were to compare our two lives up to the same age, then it'd be pretty similar. Pampered, only children, babied by parents and grandparents alike and very few other kids to play with.
As I got older, there were some kids in the neighborhood I played with and of course, I was in public school. I don't trust kids in this neighborhood as far as I can throw them, I barely trust the neighborhood in general, and we'll have to be at a very low point if we have to put her in an Alabama public school.
But she still needs interaction. She gets it at dance class and at the park and when she goes to work with Liz (a daycare), plus we go to play dates with other parents... but most of those kids are older than her. She still needs some more same-age child interaction and that's hard to get sometimes with young kids. It's hard to trust other parents and their kids. I have to remind Dahlia of "THE RULES" every time we go to a playground just to make sure I don't have to discipline her for bad social interaction:
* Don't touch without permission
* Don't tell other people how to play
* Respect people's personal space
. . . Which sounds kinda dumb, but kids don't always want each other all up in their shit, and parents don't always want that either, so it's probably the best and simplest rules. It took a while, but she's actually learned them and remembered to follow them. I came up with them mostly because she's so sweet and a go-getter, she tries to run and hug and hold hands with everyone and get in their faces to talk.

I love that she loves Wonder Woman and comics and shows like Adventure Time and Futurama and knows which words are bad words that she can't say and wants to be Princess Scientist Superhero... but damn, it's hard to nurture all those things sometimes.

(Put the Lotion in the Basket)

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