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Wednesday is trash day - It's Dangerous to Go Alone; Take This
November 4th, 2015
02:56 pm
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Wednesday is trash day
So on Tuesdays when I get home from school or work or whatever I have to do, if Barry hasn't done it already, I usually take out the trash from inside and then take the garbage can around front.
While I was up there, I heard a familiar munching coming from a garbage can across the street. I walked over to see who it was, and of course it was none other than my old confidante, Oscar the Grouch.

"Wow. Has it really been a year since you needed me?"
Well, technically, I don't need you now, no offense. But it's always good to have someone I can talk to and relate with.
"Then what's the problem? Why did I warp here?"

I wasn't really sure. But maybe the problem isn't always with me.
Earlier that night, I had read a post on Facebook by a girl I go to school with. It said:
I've met a lot of wonderful people in college. A lot of smart, lively and funny people. And you know what the saddest thing is? Most of them hate their life right now. Most of them are only getting 3 hours of sleep because of the amount of school work they have; and that's on a good night. I've talked to so many people who never had anxiety until they got to college, who have never faced depression until they got to college, and even some people who have contemplated suicide over student debt and failed classes. COLLEGE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE THIS STRESSFUL. And I'm not even at a university. I'm not saying college is this way for everyone I meet, but when the majority of people are so overwhelmed that they want to just give up all together, there is a huge problem. I'm not saying it should be easy. Making people work hard for a degree is not the issue. But sucking them mentally, physically, and financially dry is a big problem. Why do we place so much priority on degrees and not on the people trying to earn them? And company's still want you to have 5+ years experience before they'll hire you. Even though they demand you spend your time working towards this piece of paper that says your qualified. I just never have enough time to live my life anymore. I only have one, I want to spend the minutes where they count. And right now I just don't feel like they are counting towards anything

She's absolutely right. I was that stressed a year ago.
"What about now?"
Enh. It's kinda leveled out.
"So you're better?"
Mmmno. There are good days and bad ones, mentally, physically... financially, too. But it's like, it's kinda like wrestling again.
"You wear tights to a funeral home?"
No, I mean you prepare yourself for the next big bump the best you can. You're acclimated to them because you're kind of callused by now. It's just another thing to do. When I started last Fall and everything drove me crazy, it was like having a match for the first time and getting my ass kicked.
"Then why haven't all these other college kids acclimated their callus yet 'r whatever?"
Well, they're probably on the ups and downs of their own little roller coaster ride of life, good days and bad days. It sure as hell ain't easy, but I think we're gonna make it through alright.

He patted me on the shoulder with a hand covered in rotten banana.
"Dumbass," he said, "I think you're gonna be alright.
Them people you bury every day? The 'Greatest Generation'? They earned everything they got, but they got it because the country needed them out of necessity. Then th' Boomers and the Gen X'ers got everything out of greed and fucked everything up. So you an' your wife an' daughter an' these kids at that fancy schmancy college..."
It's just a Junior College...
"Whatever. Shaddup. Point is, that y'all are born and bred with everything handed to you until you turn eighteen and then have to strive and grow and build character and hopefully fix the world for the kids that come after you. There's no Gen Y, there's no Millennials... you're all the New Greatest Generation because you have to fix the place."

His words were wise and with deep meaning.

(Put the Lotion in the Basket)

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