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For only the second time, we've had to leave a restaurant because… - It's Dangerous to Go Alone; Take This
June 6th, 2015
08:49 pm
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For only the second time, we've had to leave a restaurant because Dahlia was misbehaving and actin' a fool. I yanked her up and took her out of the building with her screaming and crying, everyone looking, both Liz and I embarrassed as fuck.
She was screaming so much because she thought I was taking her to the car to leave her there by herself. I corrected her, but I still chewed her ass out.
I told her she has lost all privileges for the night (and maybe even some tomorrow) and it will take a LOT of making up to fix this problem.
"Like cleaning up my toys?" she asked, choking back tears.
That would be a good start.
When we got home, she continued to whine and said she'd clean up her toys later. Her attitude has not improved and I'm refusing to budge, however I am being a little gentler than I originally planned.

I know she's only three. I know she gets grouchy when she hasn't had a nap. I know she's hardheaded and easily influenced.
Wow... she sounds awful familiar... but nevermind that. The point is that I have an indomitable will (sometimes) and there comes a point with children where you have to fuckin' take over as the alpha.

With a little help from Liz (who appeals to her emotions better than I do) she's starting to cheer up, but still has work to do before she gets everything back

(Put the Lotion in the Basket)

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