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Let me make this really god damned fucking clear - It's Dangerous to Go Alone; Take This
October 29th, 2014
11:09 pm
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Let me make this really god damned fucking clear
Everyone has their own opinions. You. Me. Other schmoes and schmucks.
Most people? I respect their opinion, even if I don't agree with it. I'll argue my point and listen to theirs as well. But when someone tells me that something I believe in or that one of my close values is wrong?
Fuck that person. I don't need them in my life. I have enough stress.

I don't *argue* about a lot, really. But someone says "men's rights" is actually "misogyny"? I argue about that. Someone says that "welfare" and "food stamps" are actually "stealing" and "laziness"? I argue about that. Why? Because it's shit that has affected me personally.
No one can tell me that men and women get treated differently and it doesn't all swing in the man's favor. No one can tell me that people on food stamps or welfare are only on for 6-to-12 months temporarily to "get back on their feet" and anyone after that is abusing the system.
And I know that I say some bad things that other people may hold dear, and if I do, then goddammit, tell me so and let your convictions loose because even if we don't agree I'm willing to listen, and I'll play Devil's Advocate for days, but I'll NEVER TELL YOU THAT WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS WRONG.

Because then I'd be the one who's wrong.

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Date:October 30th, 2014 02:16 pm (UTC)
Welp, equal rights isn't misogyny but some extreme men's rights advocacy is misogyny just like some extreme feminism is misandry. However I'm not gonna tell you that your belief is wrong in my opinion until I ascertain a clearer picture of your belief. :P
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Date:October 31st, 2014 01:40 am (UTC)
I agree. There are men who branch themselves under the umbrella of "Men's Rights Activism" and they're not, they have a word for themselves, "Red Pills," like in the Matrix; They took the Red Pill and now see the truth.
They think that treating women like shit is the way to be an Alpha Male. I fully admit to being bitter and angry with ALL women after the divorce, and I can't really *excuse* that behavior, but beside talking shit about Brandi, I've never openly set out to treat women like garbage and the women I *did* treat badly, I owned up to it, felt awful, and more than apologized. Moreso, an Alpha Male doesn't have to prove he's an Alpha Male, he just is. Same with females, that's the way it is with humans. Animals are the ones that beat their chest to "assert their dominance" because their afraid.

Anyways. Those are the extremists.

I know women aren't equal to men, not just here in the US, but the world over, but they should be, and that doesn't just mean old 60s and 70s feminism stuff like "equal pay for equal work," it includes breaking down a lot of imposed gender roles.
Why do I get weird looks from women if I'm walking around the store with my daughter? Because I'm a man? Do they think I kidnapped her or something? I mean, jeezus, over half the sex offenders I see on TV are female teachers with their teenage male students, but no one looks at 30-something women like creeps.
Women almost always get lighter prison sentences for the same crimes with similar circumstances and are almost always favored in both divorce and custody hearings.

There's a buttload more to go in to, some of it kinda circumstantial, I can get lots and lots of facts and infographics and articles... whatever
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Date:October 31st, 2014 11:05 am (UTC)
I agree 100%.
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